I am an Author, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Master Energy Therapist with a passion to educate you on how to understand and support yourself to live a serendipitous life...a life filled with unexpected joy...a life meant to be.

I am empathetic, open minded, and highly analytical. I am a master of understanding human behavior.  I dig deep in dark places and uncover the pains and mysteries of the past to bring awareness and light to the present.  I share the truth of my learnings to teach understanding and reawaken clarity.

 I am Your Inner Workings Tour Guide.

And I laugh A LOT.

I always knew supporting people is what I was meant to do. As the child of a mentally ill mother, I watched dysfunctional thoughts and patterns take over her life and eventually end it. At a very young age I practiced listening to her woes and helping her make sense of them.  This became my foundational learning of psychology and study of behavior, as well as a motivator to support people with understanding their emotions.

When I learned you could talk to people to support them in helping themselves, I thought for sure, the job was designed just for me. Years of education and practice as a professional counselor and observer helped me become an expert in understanding the why’s and how’s of human behavior.

My own quest for healing further lead me to a fascination of energy balancing modalities as a means of supporting us at a level far deeper than psychology can reach. I later found my niche combining my skill of understanding the practical world with the world we can not see, but very much feel.

I have strong beliefs in energy medicine and uncovering the conscious and subconscious belief patterns that stand in the way of our bliss. My skill is to read and understand behavior and thought patterns, however, my gift is to see the beauty and unexpected gifts which rise from our experiences...and recognize the Serendipity of Life. I hope to support and inspire you to do the same. 

If you are interested in working with me for individual support, check out Change Your Story for more information.

To listen to my radio interview on Your Mind Matters talking about my childhood with a mentally ill parent and my views on Energy Therapy LISTEN HERE.