Sacred Stories Publishing, 11/14/17

Sacred Stories Publishing, 11/14/17

30 Days to me

30 Days to Me is your work-ing book to reconnect you with yourself and live serendipitously; to live your life as it's meant to be. Commit to the process for 30 days or longer and experience more joy and support in your everyday life.

Begin to notice the abundance of gifts that already exist and gain a greater understanding of who you are and why you think and feel the way you do.

With 30 Days to Me, create your personal how-to guide to self awareness with an action plan for change. Get excited and have fun! It's time to transform into the very best version of you!

Sacred Stories Publishing, 6/6/17

Sacred Stories Publishing, 6/6/17

The secret to beating the dragon

Andrew and his grandmother are best friends and spend their time
together telling stories of conquering imaginary dragons (fear) by being
brave (looking fear in the eye). As Gram ages and her life ends, Andrew
is left to battle the dragons alone until he discovers that Gram has
been with him all along.

I was honored that my books were chosen by Bedside Reading® during the Summer of 2018. Bedside Reading® places books by the bedside in luxury and boutique hotels.
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Author Page

Lynn Reilly is a dedicated Life Enthusiast and Seeker of the Truth. A Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Energy Therapist, her passion is educating people how to understand and support themselves to live a serendipitous life…a life filled with unexpected joy…a life meant to be.

Lynn is honored to be a Sacred Stories Media Luminary Author.