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Are you in need of a push to begin living the life you say you want?

Build a greater awareness of who you are and why you respond and feel the way you do.

Change some of your old defeating thoughts into new, empowering ones with simple and effective practices discussed in this podcast.

Learn techniques to bring more joy and balance into your everyday life and create the proof that life is designed in your favor…and all that you experience is meant to be.

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  • Live Your Life As It’s Meant To Be: Do you feel unsupported in your life? Are you feeling challenged to find the meaning in your experiences? Discover how to live your life Serendipitously and appreciate the flow of life as it is. In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly shares a practice to create proof that your life is playing out as it’s meant to be and you are given what you need along the way. Recognize the meaning of challenging experiences and the gifts of joy that come with them. See for yourself that life is happening for you, not to you.
  • Add More Fun To Your Life: Are you ready to shake up your energy? Get out of a funk? Add more fun to your life? In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly shares the mental, emotional and energetic impact of creating a joy list and doing what feels good for you. Start generating your own ideas as you hear her story of what the commitment did for her, as well as how your commitment will not only enhance your life exponentially, but also of those you love.

  • Trusting You!: Do you struggle with making decisions and trusting yourself?  You are not alone!In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly shares a few practices to support you in trusting yourself and following your intuition.Hear examples of how she uses these practices to trust herself in her own decision making and ways to challenge the fears behind them.  Learn to empower yourself by knowing that YOU can rely on YOU.

  • Practicing the Pause: Waiting comfortably for what we want and feel we need can be a true challenge. In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly shares the value of practicing the pause to make decisions when life challenges pop up and you don’t know what to do. Sometimes waiting for more information is what is required to make the best choice for ourselves. But waiting for the information can feel hard. Learn how to make the wait work for you as you reconnect with yourself and receive the answers you need.

  • The Words You Speak: Are you aware that the words you speak and think have an extraordinary impact on your mood, perspective, and energy? In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly shares the power of the words you speak and use regularly and how they influence your energy and well being. Learn how to become more aware of your words and empower yourself with tips to understand what you are really communicating. A great activity for kids too!

  • The Prisons of Your Mind: Do you feel stuck somewhere in your life? In your relationships? In your job? With your life circumstances? Are you craving the freedom to do want you want? In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly looks at the prisons of your mind and points out the key to the door that’s already open. Explore where your freedom lies and identify how you can have more of it in your life.

  • Anger is Poison to Your Soul: Are you in the habit of holding on to anger and resentment to keep yourself protected? You’ve heard that anger is poison to the soul and you feel it, but its still tough to loosen the grip. The question becomes what are you afraid will happen if you let it go? In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly talks about the practice of forgiveness and getting to the root of your discomfort to heal it.

  • Do You Wear a Mask?: Does it bother you when other people mask what they really feel or when they aren’t truthful? How about you? Do you consider yourself to be open and honest or do you hold back expressing your truth too? In this episode of Living Serendipitously, Lynn Reilly talks about what is holding you back from sharing your true feelings with others, as well as what holds her back too. Learn the reason for your resistance and the benefits of working through it as you get comfortable sharing the truth. Your truth.