I wanted to write something today. I don’t know if it’s because it’s my birthday and I was feeling so inspired this morning when I purposefully got up before the household and spent some time on quiet reflection.  I always do this on my birthday–reflect. When I look at my path of where I’ve been, where I’m going and where I’m at today, I am amazed and pleased and proud.  Life can be hard, full of change and unknowns, but it is good.

I was feeling good, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. I pondered throughout the morning on what inspires me and what makes me see clearly. What do I value? What creates meaning?  And then it came.  A summary of all that is good and true.  I received the best birthday card ever….


Fantastic, huh? I know.

As if the cover wasn’t enough, the card sings Halleluiah when you open it. Really loud, with a full chorus.  Seriously, awesome.

Who knows us better and what we value more than our friends? No one. Who could offer us meaning and understanding in the simplest form of expression more than our friends? No one.

My friends are amazing. Amazing! They are my inspiration and sounding board when I feel like the worst mother in the world.  When I can’t stand my own reflection in the mirror, they point out that the mirror is cracked and doesn’t reflect what is real.   When I can’t see where I’m going, they hand me a flashlight with extra batteries.  They are the ones who make fun of me when the lettuce is stuck in my teeth…again, and give me the courtesy laugh when my jokes aren’t as good as they could be.  And they know, more than anyone, that I love beer.

So upon reflection of where I am, was and will be, I realize I would not be where I am and where I’m going without them…and maybe beer.

Cheers to friends (especially my super awesome friend Jeannie who gave me the best card ever) for being so inspirational, supportive and understanding.  And cheers to God and beer. You rock.