Clean Up Child,

At first I used a “Please.”

But the amount that you keep whining,

Has my patience seized.


Your stall tactics,

Have a lot to be desired.

If you plan to go into a career of sales,

And think that you’ll be hired,


With your cunning smile,

We know your kind.

Hiding your mess,

In every crevice you find.


You can do it,

I know you can.

Pick up your mess,

And you won’t be banned,


From future play,

And friends in our home.

If only you’d get it together,

And stay in the zone.


I’ll be your cheerleader.

I’ll pat you on the back.

I’ll commend your efforts,

And stop giving you flack.


Just clean up your toys,

And get it done.

Before the garbage,

Steals every last one.