One of the biggest struggles I have as a parent is defining “Enough.”

Are my children eating Enough vegetables?

Am I spending Enough time with them?

Are they getting Enough sleep?

Are they getting Enough exercise?

Will there be Enough gas in the car to take them to their next activity?

Do they have Enough free time to play?

Am I reading to them Enough?

Are they learning Enough?

Do we talk Enough?

Are they listening Enough?

Is there Enough of Me to go around?

What is the actual measure of Enough and who measures it? How will I know when my children have had Enough of anything? These are questions that can not be answered without believing in myself and my abilities. When I question if they are getting enough, I am really questioning if I am giving enough.

And that I know the answer to.

I am Enough. I am all that there needs to be. I give them myself and what I can offer.

I do what I can with what I have and that is the most authentic definition of Enough.


Eat your heart out….