I am Imperfect.


I talk way too much,

And often too fast.

I’m sure others wonder sometimes,

How long will it last?


I yell at my kids.

I have laundry all over the place,

I’m a half decent cook,

But my baking, a disgrace.


I lose interest in things,

That don’t keep my attention.

And with my ADD as bad as it is,

It’s not even worth mentioning,


If you have a new haircut,

Or a book that you like,

I won’t even notice,

If you drove up the road in a car or a bike. (not exaggerating)


But my heart is filled with desire,

To find the good in the bad.

I can see the light in the darkness,

Even if it’s only a tad.



I won’t tell you how to fix your world,

But I’ll show what you need to see,

And when I think you’re good to go,

I’ll retreat behind the trees.


I am weak at times,

But I am in love with life.

I believe our strength is the most treasured gift,

From wisdom found in our strife.


I am Imperfect.

And so very happy to be.

Because if I had it all together.

No one would want to hang out with me.