Brought my little man with me to vote,

We stood in line for a few heartbeats,

Waiting for my thoughts to be heard,

And wondering who would take the seat,


To look out for us,

To do what’s “right.”

To keep us protected,

And be firm in their plight,


Of making tough choices,

That are best for most,

And intuitively knowing,

When to slow down or coast.


I want to believe in my country’s laws,

I want to believe that corruption is small,

I want to believe my taxes are well spent,

But my faith it seems, often hits a wall.


So I will continue to focus on what I CAN do.

Treat others with respect while following my heart,

Teach my children strong values,

Of always doing our part,


In building strong communities,

And being kind to those whom our dislike is great.

For they are still a part of our world,

And kindness has way more power than hate.


Thank you great country, for letting us be heard,

No matter how quiet or loud our voice,

We are united in our love of freedom,

And how we use it, that’s still our choice.