Little boy, you stole my heart,

The first time I heard you cry.

Hearing your breath so loud and clear,

As if your soul let out its first sigh.


Before we met I wondered aloud,

If I had enough love to give,

But the moment I saw your beautiful face,

I forgot how I once had lived,


Without this love I felt for you,

With the empty space you filled,

Who on Earth was I before

This garden of life you tilled?


You made the sun shine brighter,

And the rain dance when hitting the ground,

You made the clouds look like angels,

And the birds sing with a glorious sound.


You gave to me a purpose,

You’ve showed me who I am,

You’ve helped me dream in color,

As only my little boy can.


And now as I watch you sing and laugh,

Your extraordinary life away,

I don’t know how I lived before,

You taught me how to play.


Little boy, you stole my heart,

The first time I held you in my arms.

And now that you are my little, big boy,

With your endless giggles and charm,


I hold you tight whenever I can,

Before you get away,

And smother you with kisses,

Hoping that you’ll stay.


But soon enough, before I’m ready,

You’ll be my little, big man,

Stealing the heart of someone else,

As only my little boy can.


Happy Birthday to my little, big boy, J-Man, the happiest boy who ever lived!!