My gift to you….

As a wannabe regular mediator, I value the time I do spend alone, quiet, not thinking. But I also know how hard it is to quiet the mind.  I frequently use guided mediation in the groups I run for adolescents.  They enjoy the opportunity to be still, but need a little help on the mind clearing piece.  The meditation below was written for my daughter, my “what if” child.  She and the older kids I work with enjoy it.  Please share with whoever can benefit from a little mind release.  Coupled with a rock you choose, the reminder of calm is long lasting.  From my family to yours…Happy Holidays.


The Worry Rock

It is a beautiful sunny day and you are walking down the edge of a small rambling brook.  The water glistens and sparkles in the sunlight as the tiny waves seem to dance over brood rocks in the middle of the stream.  The sun on your back feels warm and relaxing.  You feel safe and calm.

As you walk on the edge of the water you look down and see a small rock and pick it up.  It fits in the palm of your hand.  The rock is smooth and clean and seems to glow as you look at it.

You are drawn to its beauty and hold it tight.  The rock seems to be speaking to you in your mind.  It asks you gently to share with it your fears.  It wants you to tell it what scares you the most, but lets you know that you are safe and there is nothing to fear at this time.

You think about it for a minute… and then tell the rock in your mind what it is that scares you.  The rock listens to what you have to say patiently. You share your thoughts, your fears, your worries.  As you explain your concerns to the rock, you begin to feel your body relax even more.

When you are finished, the rock glows radiantly and thanks you for sharing yourself.  It then tells you that since you have told it your fears, they are no longer hiding inside you.  You have released them and they no longer belong to you.

The rock then asks that you please throw it into the stream so it can wash all your fears away.

You trust the rock and choose to throw it into the water as it asks.  You watch it soar through the air, and gently splash into the stream making small ripples in the water.

As you continue to watch it, you see the glimmer start to fade.  You notice a bright blue light shines from within it and seems to be releasing light all around it.

It has let go of all your worries and fears and the thoughts that scare you and it has been cleansed by the water of the brook.  Your fears are gone.  They can’t hurt you anymore.

You feel relieved…and relaxed…and hopeful.   The sun seems to shine a little brighter and the colors around you are vivid and dazzling.  You feel calm and comfortably relaxed.  Enjoy the feelings it brings to you and thank the rock for its help.