When we planted the seed that became your life,

I constantly questioned who I thought you’d look like.


I wondered if you’d have my hair,

Your father’s perfect teeth,

Or your sister’s glare.


Would you have a serious nature

Or a silly little way?

Would you meld into our family

The same as night touches day?


I prepared myself for the mystery,

Of who you’d really be.

And what parts of your genetic history,

That we’d all be able to see.


Yet, what came as a surprise

Was not the looks you were bequeathed,

But the heart that beamed right through your skin

And the beauty that resided beneath.


How could I have ever known

The little man I loved before I met,

Would grow into an abundant joy,

And wash away all fret.


With a nature so loving and giving,

And a  kindness you simply can’t hide.

With your sense of humor unmatched,

I am often filled with pride.


I never feel more loved,

Then when your arms wrap around my heart.

You are the most precious blessing,

And this bond can never part.


I am continuously amazed by your wisdom,

Of a world you share with me.

And am honored to be your mother,

When you show me all I can be.


Happy 7th Birthday to my J Man!