Happy Bissextile Day (sometimes you just gotta cheese it up)! Also, known as Leap Day. A special day we get to enjoy once every four years which is always cause for a celebration.  So today, I am embracing new opportunities to celebrate…and bringing you with me.  I am guest posting over at Mandy’s Cakes and Company, where Mandy, mother of twin girls and obvious Super Hero, offers giveaways/reviews and parenting advice, along with lots of recipes.  Right now she’s doing a segment on desserts for one (or two, if you feel like sharing) to give readers the chance to squash their cravings and have portion control and less wasted desserts. Brilliant!

But today, she’s sharing my thoughts on how we can pop the bubble we sometimes put around our children when watching TV and lots of other things…..

Check out today’s post Popping the TV Bubble. Good food for thought.

What do you do to monitor what your kids are watching?