Sometimes I notice I am holding my breath,

And feel myself exhale.

A simple measure of relief,

Making my mood less pale.


This breath I seem to hold inside,

Is full of life and hope,

Anxious to make its way in the world,

Becoming my means to cope.


As the air moves across my lips,

I release the internal tension.

Oxygen soon becomes my elixir,

Each breath rolls into my pension,


Of tranquility and ease,

Companions in my quest,

To bring strength and balance,

To moments I claim my best.


The permission to allow myself,

To just let it all go.

With every exhale an inhale is gifted,

No matter how fast or slow.


I remind myself with these simple breaths,

My emotions need not be so taxed,

For the key to living this life of mine,

Is to Regroup, Reframe, and Relax.