When my kids were babies I used to sing “You are My Sunshine” to them all the time.  After the initial verse, I would make up my own verses with their names and they were very, very silly.  I still refer to them as Sunshine Girl and Sunshine Boy at night when I am telling them how madly in love I am with them when they go to sleep.  I think they like it.

They really are the sunshine in my life.  Once they came into my world, it really did become brighter, more meaningful, and warm.  Even on my cloudy days, I know they are there hiding behind the gloom, ready to shine their sparkles of goodness and light.  They are such happy children.

It is because I enjoy parenting and helping others on this path, that I started this blog.  Life is full of sunshine behind the clouds.  It will always be there, but sometimes you need a gentle reminder to show you where it is and sometimes that reminder is from another perspective. I have thoroughly enjoyed offering you mine.

Because of this I was honored and thankful to recently receive the Sunshine Award from Jennifer Wolfe of Mamawolfe, a blogger friend I’ve grown to greatly admire and respect.  A fellow educator and philosopher of life, Jennifer shares her deep reflections and wise perspectives on childrearing, joy finding and life living, to its fullest.  Her writings are intelligent, introspective, inspirational. What’s better than that?

And with this honor, comes great responsibility. Here are the rules for accepting this award.

  1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
  2. Answer the following questions below.
  3. Pass the award to fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.


Favorite Color?

Green.  Is it because my eyes are green? Maybe.  Is it because my husband only wears New York Jets clothing every-single-day and they are all green and I’ve been brainwashed. Maybe. Is it because when I was a child no one ever said they liked green and I felt sorry for it? Maybe. Guess it doesn’t matter. I just like it.


Favorite Animal?

Cats. We have a kitten. She rocks.  She is ridiculously cute and soft and snuggly and makes me happy.  Before her, we had another cat who was amazing and cuddly and sweet and loyal.  He also had a nightlife that we could not keep him away from. The cats would stand outside the door and call for him at night to come out.  He apparently was a big shot in the neighborhood. I’m not sure if he was into something illegal or shady, but one night he did not come home. I am hoping our kitten will not want to follow in his paw prints. It’s rough out there.


Favorite number?

3- I like the word trifecta…and I remember being 3 sitting on block chair in my kitchen drinking milk. Life was simple then.


Favorite Drink?

I think I may have mentioned this once—Beer.  Not a lot. Just one or two, Indian Pale Ale is my favorite. The hoppier the better. Delicious and winds a busy day down beautifully.


Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook hands down. For now. I just can never remember to Tweet. And if I did, I would feel sorry for my followers. I have so many random thoughts through the day, it might be overwhelming.


Your Passion?

If I had to pick one…..I love helping people, even the annoying ones. I truly believe that even the darkest souls have glimpses of light.  I have always taught my children that there is no such thing as a bad girl or a bad boy, only bad behavior.


Giving or getting presents?

Oh I love to give gifts.  The only hard part is if I buy it early and have to wait, the excitement is painful to contain.


Favorite Day?

I don’t have a favorite day, but I have a favorite part of the day.  I love the early morning when I first get up.  Especially if I am the first one up and I usually am. I love the feeling of being refreshed and hopeful knowing the day holds so many possibilities of what can be enjoyed and accomplished.  To me, nothing beats the start of the day.


Favorite flower?

Water lily.  It reminds me of summers spent on our family’s lake in Maine.   In the canoe, they were beautiful to pass by, but while swimming, we avoided them like they were water snakes because they were so slimy.  My own kids swim right through them. I love that.


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