My precious daughter, I knew you well before we met. You visited me in my dreams, promising me a different life, showing me what was possible, far beyond what I could comprehend.

You were to teach me lessons….Of hope. Of truth. Of responsibility. Of balance.

I didn’t know how ready for you I was until you entered into my life.  You waltzed in without instructions and demanded I figure it out.  Your presence made me question myself, my strength, my knowledge, my ability to give.  How did you get here?  How did I deserve you?  Do I have what it takes to be what you deserve?  Your smiles helped me answer those questions.  Your laugh solidified what I hoped to be true.  I was meant to be your mother and I would do the best I could and we would be okay, no matter what.

As I watch you grow, I greatly admire your sensitivity, your kind nature, your ability to befriend anyone you meet.  I listen with quiet satisfaction as you tell stories of your compassion, your desire to do right by others and your frustration when life is not fair.  You are learning well and teaching well, a skill I could not have taught you on my own. I thank the world around you. You are a true gift, to me and to all those who are lucky enough to be in your presence.

You wear your great grandmother’s name well.  You emulate her character in strength, passion and making those around you feel loved and welcome at all times.  There could be no other name or heroine to suit you better.

My precious daughter, I have promised to keep you safe, to keep you healthy and to love you more than anyone could in your life.  And in return, you have given me a life I treasure, enormous pride as your mother and a Love that is unrivaled by any emotion that I have ever known.

Happy 9th Birthday to my Sweet Angel Ella!