“Did you brush your teeth?”
They hear me ask,

Knowing full well,

They’ve avoided this task.

“You need to take a shower,”

They hear me say,

The grunting gets louder,

Which always leads to delay.


“Are you hoping to catch a rodent,

With those unkept claws?”

As I question if their fingernails,

Are too long for their paws.


They whine and complain.

How dare we want them kept clean?

Enforcing good habits,

And normal hygiene?


Do they want to be dirty?

Does water repulse them?

Avoiding the faucet as if

Cleanliness creates mayhem.


Is it too much to ask,

That they are not the smelly kid?

To appreciate soap

And not become livid,


When asked to keep clean,

And manage one’s own sanitation,

A fair request indeed,

To ensure their own liberation.


Oh little dirty ones,

We will not go away,

The reminders will be ongoing,

And our insistence here to stay.