Anger. Such a useful and destructive emotion at the same time.  We all feel it, express it and have been the victims of its wrath at some point.

So when the lovely and super smart ladies of BonBon Break magazine asked if I’d write them something for this week’s Happy, Healthy Family focus, I immediately thought of how to manage anger in the home.  I really like this piece and am constantly trying to take my own advice…same days are easier than others.  But am happy to pass it on to you.

Here’s a sneak preview….

Do you ever yell at your kids? I mean really, YELL?

If yes, welcome to the club.


Most parents at one time or another hit the point of frustration and let the words come flying out at loud decibels that even make our pets jump to attention.  I know for me, when I reach this point, I have already exhausted the multiple calm requests for change, which have all been seemingly ignored.  And then when I hear my kids yell at each other, I am frustrated and disappointed with their response.  And so the cycle is born.

In my house, when my kids have angry outbursts that make me uncomfortable, you will often hear me say, “It’s okay to be angry, but its not okay to respond that way.”  House rule. They never like this rule, but they respect it and are typically sent to their room to calm down so they can regroup and try again.

It’s important for us and our kids to express our anger. It’s a normal reaction to our frustration and appropriate to feel, but how we choose to communicate it greatly impacts if we get the outcome we want or if we just create more anger within ourselves and damage to those in our path along the way.

For suggestions on how to help kids (and ourselves) respond to anger, continue reading on BonBon Break.