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I’ve been interviewed 4 times in the past week on my views and my passions on living and with serendipity. Each time I’m interviewed it feels like pressure…my own pressure with a strong need and desire to share what I know is life enhancing. 

I have so much information to share. I’m still learning how to do this and the learning curve is big and wide and scary and so very, very cool.

Sometimes I ramble. On and on…. And sometimes I’m clear and succinct. But all times, I am honored to be in a place in my life where I can share my voice and my knowledge and offer support in a world that so clearly could use a hand.

When I left my secure job over 4 years ago I had no idea where I would end up. I didn’t know how I would make a living, or even if I could. I didn’t know I’d write a book. I didn’t know I’d connect with people all over the world asking for help. I most certainly didn’t know they would be the most courageous years of growth in my lifetime.

And I’m glad I didn’t know. It would have easily scared me to the point of not taking the risk. I could have said…”I can’t do that..Im not qualified…I don’t know enough…I don’t have enough information.” And meant it to my core.

But I did know. I was ready. We are never given what we are not prepared for.

I’ve been listening to myself talk- a lot- the past week and I hear so much passion and excitement and trust in a concept that is not new to me. It’s been developing the entirety of my life.

When I talk about trusting the process of life I know I am an expert at this. It does not come easy to me, which is exactly what makes me good at it. I have to work at it. And the more I work, the easier it becomes and the more I am able to clearly show what I know and have learned.

I have felt your fear just as I have felt my own. I know desperation, heartache, loneliness, isolation and the pains of hopelessness. I can’t live there. I choose not to.

Hence why my life’s work will be to continue to find ways to teach that life IS meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.

I began this work for me,  but the joy and gratitude I feel being able to share it to you, is like nothing else. Serendipitous.