Beautiful boy, I’ve asked you not to grow.

In fact, I’ve insisted, but still those seeds you continue to sew.


Once again you ignore me,

As if my words hold no weight.

Don’t you realize that even with all my skills,

Time is not something I can manipulate?


I need to hold these days protected in my mind,

They are already sealed tight in my heart,

When you hug me with all your might,

And tell me we will never part.


I watch how your charm can light up a room,

With followers everywhere you go,

Amazed by your ability to love without hesitation,

I simply need to know,


How I was blessed to have you skip into my life,

And teach me what it means to live,

To let go of fear and dream bigger than ever,

And when faced with misfortune, to forgive.


I know you said I can’t call you my little boy any more,

But to me you will always be,

The thump of my heart, the melody in my voice,

And the little man of my destiny.


Happy 8th Birthday to My Beautiful Boy!