When I first met you I was in awe of your hunger for nourishment and comfort.  I still recall the countless hours you relished being held and cuddled while beaming your glorious smile of gratitude when you felt content.  Your love warmed my heart.

When you were a toddler, I was amazed by your hunger to entertain a room.  The star of the show everywhere you went, you loved to take in the laughter and praise of all those who were in your presence.  You wanted them to see you for the bright and engaging child you were and succeeded every time. Your sense of self made me smile.

When you started school, I was thrilled with your hunger to learn.  Every project, every opportunity to grow you grasped on to.  Your desire to find the power in knowledge was one I hoped you’d discover.  Your thirst for that power made me proud.

When you began to make real friendships, I was impressed with your hunger to express affection.  Your innate ability to befriend anyone you meet has always been strong.  The way you put out your hand and offer your heart is beautiful and inspiring.  Your gift of friendship is one I pray you always see the value in.

As you grow into yourself I can see the very young woman you are becoming, naturally full of life and passion with a strong desire to please.  Your hunger to live and thrive is one I greatly respect and share.  Yet the way you sustain yours is done with a grace I have yet to achieve.

So giving of yourself and your talents, your ability to love is extraordinary.  Although it is my job and my goal to teach you, I learn more from you than I will ever be able to share.  I would not be who I am without you. You are my heart, my pride, my daughter and I am grateful for every moment I’ve had you in my life.

Happy 11th Birthday to my incredible girl!